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Security Pipeline
Thu, 02 Sep 2004 01:09
The 11 billion pieces of spam sent each day is contributing to a reduction in the usefulness of e-mail.
Spam Avalanche Keeps Growing
A new variation on the Bagle worm hit mailboxes, but didn't spread beyond the initial spammed outbreak.
New Bagle Falls Flat After Big Spam Seeding
Oracle makes good on its promise to provide its first monthly security update by the end of August.
Oracle Moves To Monthly With Patches
Alliance adds new power to anti-spam portfolio, frees technology staff to explore advanced spam problems.
MessageLabs Adds Brightmail To Its Anti-Spam Offering
Cisco access points and Intel's newest Centrino technology are among the first to receive WPA2 certification from the Wi-Fi Alliance.
First WLAN Products Receive WPA2 Security Certification
Windows XP Service Pack 2 is just a patch, but it's as much of a hassle for IT managers as a new operating system. Learn how to deploy it with minimum downtime.
Deploying Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)

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Open-Security will start releasing HOW-TO documents to help businesses in their transition to open source tools. This will also include some documents about commercial operating systems and tools. We are excited to share our knowledge with the community.

Welcome to the Open-Security

Security should be the foundation of any business.  Open-Security helps businesses of all sizes to build this foundation.  We work to build security into every aspect of your business. We analyze everything - web pages, email, virus protection, access, and patching. But, we dont stop there. We look at your building access, trash habits, personal security, and internal processes. Once we have determined the status of your security, we score you in several different categories and then help you to come up with a game plan for resolving those issues.



Security Certifications vs Experience  

There have been a dramtic increase in all the security certifications in the past couple of years.  That means that all the people with these certifications are experienced and know what they are doing, right?...Wrong!  I have seen individuals with what seems like the entire alphabet after then names.  It makes me wonder how experienced are many of these individuals.  I recently spoke to a friend of mine who asks me security related questions from time to time.  His company was doing a firewall migration and they brought in an Security Value Added Reseller (SVAR) to help them with their migration.



Security Monitoring Bottleneck  

Security today has become a big ticket item for most large businesses.  Small businesses are having a hard time catching up.  Both large and small businesses alike feel the same pain of monitoring all the security events/patches/logs/vulnerabilities/etc that come out daily and sometimes hourly.  Who do you trust?  How quickly can you react?  Which things are relevent to me and/or my company?  These are all very important questions that every security savay professional asks.  Owners, CSO, ISO, etc are asking was is the risk versus reward or cost versus protection.  Where do you begin?  You have to start at the fundementals...



Open-Source Security  
The question about open-source security versus properitary software will be a debate that lasts for quite some time. The aproach of this article is to look at open-source security from another standpoint. Licenses. Do you have actual hard copies of all your software licenses? Do you know the fines for having illegal software? Software is expensive, that is a fact.


Security vs. Organization Charts  
Corporate security is a big deal today. Most medium and large organizations have dedicated security staff. Most small companies oursource it or contract it, or worse - it is their IT Administrator. Where should security be in regards to an organization?


Security and Small/Medium Sized Business  
Many small and medium sized businesses utilize their current IT staff or a consulting firm to manage their security. This does have the benefit of having fewer people to communicate with about issues. However, there are many more dangers with this model. Many times when staff is small, things fall through the cracks and most of the time it is security. A business has to make money and often more times than not security costs money and slows progress. Developers can get a program written much faster if they do not have to take security into account. Administrators can setup a new system quickly if security is allowed to be ignored. This is just the beginning of a downward spinning cycle that is extremely difficult to reverse as more time passes.


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